Thursday, 16 July 2015

Next steps

Almost so I can step back and look at what I'm doing, and to share with those who are interested here's what I'm up to currently.

I'm also renaming my @modblog1 twitter account and promising myself I will stay on task/topic and message. Not sure what the new name will be yet, or if it will work.

Since I started Modblog (writing moderation blog) I have changed as a teacher and a person. I started the blog to help me get better at marking writing. I never planned to do anything else with it, or leave my school. All consequences were unplanned and unexpected and have enabled me to share the creative/child-centred/inventive/nurturing and innovative sides of my work ( and become confident enough to do so)

So since Easter 2013 I have:

  • learned how to deliver brilliant training sessions to teachers
  • kept teaching in the classroom every week
  • Gained an extremely deep understanding of early years education
  • made so many friends from different places/backgrounds
  • Developed the best Early Years intervention in the world (it is. I can't believe I would ever claim that about anything I've done but nothing I've seen - and I've seen it all- comes close in terms of impact.)
  • Experienced cheering crowds at my sessions in the USA
  • Learned a lot about the  business world. We are a lot wiser now.
  • Developed a simple process which impacts on writing outcomes for students of all ages.
  • Got an office to work in
  • Stopped worrying. about anything!
  • and many more things. I love what I do but travelling is hard and being away from family is hard and I lose things and leave things behind wherever I go. Despite my man bag. Which I lose.

Here are the things I'm up to now. 

I am continuing to work with the inspirational rock-solid genius David Andrews. He is Batman to my Robin, Delboy to my Rodney. Walter White to my Jessie Pinkman. He does well to put up with the endless ideas I have and projects I start. This is what's going on in the next school year.

1: Mr Andrews Online. We will continue to run training courses, school based CPD and classroom projects. Our work is largely based on our approach to ensure progress in writing. It's easy and highly effective and I use it special/primary/secondary schools. Dave and I invented the processes we use. Dave knows a lot about programming and the computing curriculum but we don't really offer training in that area ( unless you ask Dave very nicely). I have no interest in that side of things really (sorry!)

Our website is here:

2: Chatta. This is our early years intervention. Its what we do with staff working with children aged 2 to 5. Chatta is an app combined with a teaching process which is centred around play,discovery and exploration and accelerates progress in early language development. The impact is amazing and next year we will be introducing Chatta into more cities and regions. It is primarily used in pre-schools, nurseries, by childminders and in early years classrooms.

We don't have a Chatta website yet ( long story) but here is a video of me talking about it at a review meeting in Hull.

Keep an eye on:

3: Ed Store: This will be launching in September. It is currently being piloted by about 20 schools. We developed  this because we were asked to ( and are honoured to have been asked to), and we are frequently asked to share activity ideas and lesson plans with schools and teachers. The Ed Store provides high-impact projects in all curriculum areas ( Primary initially, some secondary at present and growing) along with video CPD ( play and pause for staff meetings/personal CPD), webinars and mass participation lesson demonstration activities ( more to follow on that). I have never felt "textbook" teaching brings out the best in teachers or students but I do know that teachers need resources that can rely on, that they can adapt and make their own which can act as a catalyst for the truly creative and connected teacher. The Ed Store resources are the best I've seen. It's a growing resource and already has 3,500 schools signed up as members. 

Website to be launched soon!

4: World Record Attempt

This is happening and has been authorised by Guinness World Records. We have the  rules and requirements. We have a Facebook page  ( please like!) we have thousands of students already signed up JOIN THEM and plans are moving forward quickly.

The World's Largest Online Language Lesson

The record involves David and I teaching classes around the world ( via video link) a unique and distinct method which can accelerate progress for all students at all levels. It is a 30 minute lesson with a short writing task at the end. Lesson plans and all resources will be provided for all participants. A tablet computer or laptop ( preferably 1 between 2, but we could get away with 1 between 3 or 4) is required.

Date to be confirmed but probably November.

The reason for this is primarily to share our classroom approach with the widest audience. Technology can make an impact on learning but nothing comes close to the way David and I use it, so we would like to create as much impact on learning for pupils as we can. An additional reason is to support charities which make an impact on opportunities and  aspirations for children. The impact of poverty on children and their educational development is huge and increasing. We are selecting and supporting  a small number of community charities who know how to make a difference. A further reason for our record is to celebrate the launch of the Ed Store. In challenging times, this resource will deliver outstanding outcomes in the classroom whilst saving time and money for schools. This is something we believe in and know there is value in.

So. In order to spread the word on the world record I am changing the twitter name of @modblog1, if I can work out how. I want the record to be a success and am committed to the value of what we are doing and why.

I can always be contacted at:

My new identity 

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