Thursday, 13 November 2014

Revival and Redirection

I'm going to start using my blog again. It served its purpose for me and I stopped using it. Brief background to the blog is this:

As a teacher I felt I lacked confidence in my judgements at levelling pupils' writing.
The blog was my attempt at creating  my own CPD (quietly and privately) by asking fellow teachers  to help me with online writing moderation. It was a moderation blog (mod-blog) and it worked. I got my own training from the only true experts out there (people doing the same job as me happy to share, no point to prove or axe to grind)

I do think anyone and everyone in teaching can and should do this. Lots do! Something so simple like preparing a google form with a question and asking for responses. Daniel Harvey, a secondary teacher I have worked with in Birmingham did this recently. He created a form asking for practical classroom  technology ideas to share with his staff. He posted the link on twitter and asked a few people who have ed/tech followers for responses retweets. So simple.

Anyway, this blog has been dormant for a while now bit it's still there and it's still mine so I now feel like adding some posts to it. I'm sitting on a plane to Boston for the Ed Tech Teacher iPad summit trying to write a pre-summit blog. I hadn't been aware of wifi on a plane working when a device is in flight mode, but it works and as  I'm flying over Newfoundland I can wave at Canada and exchange tweets with my twitter teacher friend Rolland Chidiac. (@rchids)

Will see how far I get with the revival of my blog.


I didn't get any further as I struggled with password reset. It's now 4:48am and I can't get back to sleep ( jetlag?) so I will try to finish my pre-summit post.

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