Sunday, 2 March 2014

Modblog 12

I forgot how much this blog helped me as a teacher. I started it after being involved in several writing moderation sessions with colleagues and realising that I didn't have the confidence, skill or depth of understanding to justify my judgements fairly and consistently.

I decided to post work on a blog and invite people to add their views and engage in discussion to help come to agreement. Do it yourself CPD really. I wanted to improve my skills in this area so I used a blog help me. I started the blog anonymously ( as I was exposing an area of weakness I suppose ) and looking back now, the blog did its job for me as it gave me confidence I was lacking, and helped me to learn from others to continue to improve my work.

After discussion with several colleagues I'm going to start posting pupils' writing  on the blog again.
All comments are welcome and helpful.

Modblog 12

This piece of writing was based on the game "Bike Baron" and explains how to be a daredevil motorbike stunt racer. ( use any levelling/assessment criteria you prefer)

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