Saturday, 15 September 2012

Modblog 8

This week's writing is based on the game "Bike Baron" and is the same activity featured in Modblog 6 and based on  the article Raising Standards in Boys' Writing. 

This year I am trying to make an impact on pupil writing through the use of Guest Markers following on from an  idea I read about in the excellent book The Lazy Teacher's Handbook:  How your students learn more when you teach less,  by  Jim Smith. This week's writing also features on the Guest Marker  section of the class blog I work on with David Andrews, which also explains how the Guest Marker project is going to work.

All comments/discussions/votes and suggestions for levels are most welcome. Please join in!

Level outlines: from (Lend me your literacy)
A general overview of Level 2 writing
  • Simple and compound sentences with basic connectives that could be repetitive (such as ‘and’, ‘then’ and ‘so’).
  • Writing style shows some evidence of purpose and awareness of audience.
  • Often uses capital letters and full-stops.
  • Writing is organised to show some understanding of the purpose of the task.
  • Uses simple noun phrases.

A general overview of Level 3 writing
  • Simple and compound sentences with connectives (such as ‘because’, ‘but’ and ‘while’).
  • Some variety of sentence openings.
  • Writing style is sometimes adapted deliberately and usually relevant to suit the purpose.
  • Sentences show an understanding of sentence structure and include accurate use of capital letters and full-stops.
  • Speech marks, question marks and exclamation marks sometimes used correctly.
  • Some adverbial and noun phrases are used and are sometimes well-chosen.

A general overview of Level 4 writing
  • Complex sentences (extra clauses).
  • Written in logical paragraphs.
  • Awareness of an appropriate opening and ending.
  • Commas marking clauses.
  • A range of connectives (not just simple ones).
  • Apostrophes used.
  • Adverbs and noun phrases which are appropriate to the task.
A general overview of Level 5 writing
  • Complex sentences, with well-chosen clauses used to have an intentional effect on the reader.
  • Written in well-organised paragraphs that are purposely varied in length for effect and are sometimes linked.
  • Correct use of ambitious/adventurous vocabulary with figurative language used deliberately to have an impact on the reader.
  • Commas used correctly along with a wider range of punctuation (such as brackets, colons, ellipsis and fully punctuated speech).
  • A range of connectives used accurately.
  • Writing style is almost totally appropriate to the task and individual noun phrases and adverbs are chosen for their impact and according to the purpose of the task.

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