Saturday, 6 October 2012

Modblog 9

Modblog 9

This piece of writing was designed to be a motivational speech aimed to encourage pupils to face challenges and reach their goals. The class have been looking at features of motivational speaking as part of a project linked with our local Children's University.

Motivational Speaker

The writer is 10 years old and is at the beginning of year 6. I have been impressed with his progress this term and feel his  potential is  some way beyond the level 3b he achieved in year 5. 

I am going to use the Criterion Scale ( used on this blog with kind permission from Ros Wilson) to try to find a level and hopefully highlight ways forward and next steps. I haven't done this yet ( before posting) because I want to do it as the first comment on the blog and then seen what other people have to contribute.

All comments are welcome and appreciated. This isn't something I have always found easy, particularly in moderation activities but using this blog has given me a lot of help.

 I think sometimes in moderation activites the most vocal members of the group can sway opinion (unintentionally) so perhaps valuable contributions to this blog could lead to a more accurate and considered moderation experience. 

I do hope readers of this are able to add comments in terms of providing an accurate levelled assessment of the writing
( it doesn't need to be with the Criterion Scale), and offer suggestions to take the writer forward. 

Thanks for visiting this site and for ( hopefully!) joining in.


NP denotes new paragraph- added by the writer
NP in middle added by writer. NP at top of page by teacher ( writer said it was obvious)
Criterion Scale Level 3

Criterion Scale Level 4

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  1. Sorry for the list like nature of the following comment: Just going through the process!
    Criterion scale level 3
    1:yes. 2: yes ( all evidence in book confirms) 3: yes 4:no! 5 yes 6: Not yet. Used because, but, (too many "ands" )7:yes 8: Yes ( used question marks last week) 9: Yes. beginning, middle, end.10; Yes 11: No 12:yes 13: no 14: yes 15: Not here. 16: not here 17: no 18: yes. 19: yes Score:12 level 3b Targets: Interesting and varied word choices. Develop the use of a range of connectives. Extend use of punctuation. Use adjectives and adverbs.