Saturday, 27 April 2013

Modblog 11

 Modblog 11

This writing sample was submitted by a newly qualified teacher working in Year 1. Please feel free to add any comments, suggested assessment levels and questions. This process has been a big help to me as a teacher in terms of consistency and confidence in my own judgements. If you would like to share writing for moderation with other teachers ( anonymously unless you prefer otherwise) then please get in touch by emailing:

Year 1 writing: Typed up as written by the pupil

In the deep dark dark words. There is mistycle witches house whith a blue roof and vins all arownd it becose... it is aaa wwwitches howwwwse. There are luvle sparlkly shooting stars leeding up to the witchs house.
Please add votes/comments. The more people who get involved the better in terms of sharing views.  Use any assessment scheme which works for you!
The Criterion Scale is reprodeuced with kind permission from Ros Wilson. 


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